Here, you will find a list of original completed screenplays that I have written. If you are a producer, director, or actor and are interested in reading any of these completed screenplays, please get in touch.

Also, I do write on spec, so if you have a project that you think would be a good fit with what I am offering (or want to try out a new voice with a different flavor), please contact me. I do not currently have representation.

Completed Scripts by Jamie Grefe:

IT HUNGERS (with Rene Perez) (June 2017)

1978. Rachel, A beautiful young outlaw, is lured into a creature’s lair that feeds on human fear.

DEFILE (May 2017)

A husband trying to save his marriage in the wake of a damaging revelation from his past, must defend his family from a bizarre home invasion. (Feature-Length/ Thriller/Gonzo)

UNTITLED HORROR PROJECT (with John Lee of PFFR) (April 2017) 

Logline forthcoming… (Feature-Length / Horror / Comedy)

UNTITLED POE PROJECT (with John Lee of PFFR) (April 2017) 

A school trip turns bloody when an AP English class visits the manor of Edgar Allan Poe and accidentally resurrects his corpse. (Feature-Length / Horror / Comedy)


After being attacked by her ex-husband, a college professor takes a summer teaching job in the country, only to find her life torn apart by a handsome stranger who is more dangerously connected to her past than she ever would have thought. (TV Movie / Thriller)


L.A. Chinatown. A trio of tough Chinese go-go dancers must fight through a night of horror when a simple robbery traps them in the basement of a crippled sadist and her sisters. Think FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! meets THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. (Horror, Feature-Length)

LIVERS (February 2017)

A traumatized college girl struggles to escape from a secluded mansion when the maniacal cultist who murdered her family comes after her and her friends, thrusting her into the depths of her trauma and the supernatural evil he possesses. Think MANIAC COP and HALLOWEEN meet THE CONJURING. (Horror, Feature-Length)

I AM THE NEW BLOOD (May 2016) 

An aspiring model, recovering from a traumatic attack, and seeking solace at an isolated chateau, must fight for her life when she becomes the target of a fetishistic death-cult who believe she is their chosen one. (Thriller/Horror, Feature-Length)

CITY OF RED (co-written by Jay Burleson) (April 2016)

A man possessed by the belief that he’s a violent messenger of God wreaks bloody havoc on the local community, in particular, a trio of high school girls all involved in a local production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. (Horror, Feature-Length)

THE NAKED GRAVE (April 2016) 

After an innocent amateur musician is violently abducted and mistaken for a eccentric gangster’s muse, she is forced to confront the vengeful horror that dwells inside her, and use that horror to free herself. (Horror, Feature-Length)


When their van breaks down in the woods, a sexy fashion photography crew, along with a witty make-up artist, become trapped in an isolated mansion inhabited by a maniacal killer who, with his gruesome sidekick, start to prey, forcing the crew to stop the killer before he guts them all. (Horror, Feature-Length)

GASFACE (January 2016)

A thickening haze of deadly pollution forces a group of strangers into a deserted industrial complex, only to be hunted by a mythical killer, forcing them to retaliate as the effects of the pollution warps their minds. (Horror/Sci-Fi, Feature-Length)

FACILITY 237 (November 2015) 

When three security agents are sent to a remote top-secret desert facility to investigate the uncanny death of their corporation’s research team, they discover that a nightmarish paranormal intelligence, secretly manufactured by their employer, has taken over and won’t let them leave alive. (Horror/Sci-Fi, Feature-Length)


One of six party-crazy college students, a smart outcast, has her world fluttered to violent pieces when her and her friends face a maniacal killer at a house party on a secluded bay. (Horror, Feature-Length)

MANIAC TRAP (June 2015)

A twenty-something girl, stalked and run-off the road by a maniac, is forced to team up with college students who are investigating the disappearance of their missing friend at an ominous mansion in the woods. But when the group becomes trapped in the mansion, they must outwit the maniac before it’s too late. (Horror, Feature-Length)


A savvy art student becomes entangled in a web of murder at a secluded art residency when the victim of a bloody prank rises to wreak havoc on those who wronged him. (Horror, Feature-Length)

UNFINISHED BUSINESS (co-written w/ Jay Burleson) (January 2015) (post-production)

After the death of her grandmother, 22-year-old Bailey Wallace is haunted by a ghost that lurks in her house. As she pieces together the tragic history of her home, she has no choice but to face the ghost head-on, and come to terms with the truth about a past she barely remembers. (Horror, Feature-Length)


A mysterious hitman with a sordid past faces his inner demons as his corrupt boss seeks to ruin him with violence. Little does his boss know, this hitman will stop at nothing to obliterate the enemy and the deadly secrets that his demons conceal. (Sci-Fi/Thriller, Television Pilot)

GUNKO (October 2014)

A pessimistic hipster comes to grips with her own humanity when she teams up with a wisecracking detective to hunt down a psychotic killer who is accidentally resurrected. Together they must stop the killer before he murders the girl’s family and friends. It’s a PINK PANTHER-inspired slasher set in a small desert town. (Horror, Feature-Length)

SKIN FLICK (September 2014) (Optioned to John Kearns Jr. with Glade Entertainment)

A young teacher on vacation in the country gives a bizarre violent cult a slice of their own extremism when she becomes a vengeful knife-handed slasher hell-bent on hunting them down. It’s THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE meets I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE with a dose of surreal humor. (Horror, Feature-Length)

Contact for a PDF copy of the script and/or synopsis and further information.


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