If you are interested in reading any of these completed screenplays, please get in touch.

Also, I do write on spec, so if you have a project that you think would be a good fit with what I am offering (or want to try out a new voice with a different flavor), please contact me.


A high school trip turns bloody when an AP English class and their eccentric teacher visits the manor of Edgar Allan Poe and accidentally resurrect his corpse. But when the deaths are found to be mimicked from the annals of literature, things get weird… Think DEAD POETS SOCIETY gone gonzo slasher.


An aspiring model, recovering from a traumatic attack, and seeking solace at an isolated chateau, fights for her life when she becomes the target of a fetishistic death-cult who believe she is their chosen one.


When three security agents are sent to a remote top-secret desert facility to investigate the uncanny death of their corporation’s research team, they discover that a nightmarish paranormal intelligence, secretly manufactured by their employer, has taken over and won’t let them leave alive.

SKIN FLICK (Optioned to John Kearns Jr. with Glade Entertainment)

A young teacher on vacation in the country gives a bizarre violent cult a slice of their own extremism when she becomes a vengeful knife-handed slasher hell-bent on hunting them down. It’s THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE meets I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE with a dose of surreal humor.

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