The Mondo Vixen Massacre

Paperback and Kindle Editions Available HERE.

“This is what a 650 page novel looks like, with every single boring part excised, bloodily. This is the beating heart of the action movie always playing in the back off all our reptile brains. This is a massacre. The best kind.” – STEPHEN GRAHAM JONES, author of The Last Final Girl, Flushboy, Growing Up Dead in Texas and many more.

“Good Grefe! Jamie has safely documented some seedy, sexual situations involving unsavory sad sacks. More power to him! I would have run away from these people.” –NEIL HAMBURGER, comedian.

“An oddly written odd book. Highly recommended.” – WOL-VRIEY, author of Boston Posh. 

Mondo Vixen Massacre is a refreshing perspective on an action/thriller novel; a gore and severed-limb carnival written as a ballad to the genre.” – VINCENZO BILOF, author of Japanese Werewolf Apocalypse.

“The electricity of the action is supercharged with his crackling verbage. A great read.” – BIX SKAHILL, screenwriter and author of Babes in Gangland.

“TMVM is fast-paced. Every page smells like burning rubber, sounds like tires peeling out, tastes like blood from damaged internal organs. This is what nightmares are made of.” – TIFFANY SCANDAL, SuicideGirl and author of There’s No Happy Ending.

“The Mondo Vixen Massacre is a cinematic rush into a violent future run by sexy vixens with a penchant for ultraviolence and one man’s quest for revenge.” – GRANT WAMACK, author of A Lightbulb’s Lament.

“THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE is an ultraviolent, over-the-top B-movie turned book turned B-movie, featuring the grittiest, most resilient hero ever written (more resilient than even John McClane, if you can believe it).” – WILLIAM PAULEY III, author of The Doom Magnetic Trilogy.

About the book:

Tom Clay is an average American guy–he’s a school teacher with a normal life, a wonderful wife and kid.

Until the day the mysterious Mondo Vixens bust down his door. There’s punk vixens, bikini vixens, devil vixens, clown vixens, preppie vixens, pirate vixens and a sadistic nurse vixen. They whip out the cat ‘o nine tails, torture Tom for mysterious reasons and kidnap his wife — brainwashing her into joining the vixens.

Dying and with only hours to live, Tom enlists the help of a rogue vixen to go on one last bloody rampage, destroying any vixen that gets in his way. He’s going to avenge his family, rescue his wife, and solve the mystery of the mondo vixen massacre.

Published in 2013 by Eraserhead Press

Edited by Spike Marlowe

Cover Artwork by Matthew Revert

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