Download the free finalized PDF of TARANTULEECHEN.

Written in 2013, this 19,000 word novella takes place in an imaginary rural area known as “Hatchet County” and involves a cheerleader punk band, “The Skull Girls,” who, during the recording of their latest album at the house of a mysterious old man, end up battling an evil creature called, TARANTULEECHEN, a gross being who had been summoned from beyond by the house’s owner before his untimely and gory passing.

The girls are joined by Sheriff Hills and his sidekick, Ron. Together, these two Hatchet County lawmen team up with “The Skull Girls” to battle the evil creature before it threatens to destroy the world.

There is also a sub-plot, that involves a masked stranger who follows our heroes and is revealed to have a close, and deadly, connection to the entire story.

This is a B-movie/exploitation novella in the vein of 1980s and ’90s B-movies and, in particular, the output of New Horizons Pictures (i.e. Roger Corman) with a focus on the grotesque and the literary like a mixture between Georges Bataille, Robert Coover, and Heavy Metal magazine. Written with the same “cinematic” sharpness as The Mondo Vixen Massacre, this novella will appeal to fans of exploitation cinema, Bizarro, horror, comedy, and weird fiction. It would also make a great film and/or comic book.

This book was picked up by a new publisher in late 2013, but that publishing house never saw the light of day. Instead of letting it go to waste, I have decided to share it with you, dear reader, for free. May it serve you well.

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