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From Jamie Grefe, author of Domo ArigaDIE!!! (Rooster Republic Press), The Mondo Vixen Massacre (Eraserhead Press), and the man responsible for the official novelizations of Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington’s Adult Swim series Decker: Classified and Decker: Port of Call: Hawaii, comes a double-novella nightmare of fevered desire gone mad, trans-dimensional horror, and brain-smearing sensationalism. In Static, a bewildered man stumbles through a hellish desert-mansion orgy in search of the woman he loves only to find a deranged complexity of fleshy doom, seedy motel rooms full of secrets, and the struggle to overcome the priestly fingers of fate’s sadism. Orgone mesmerizes readers into the psychomagical world of a post-apocalyptic performance artist who takes vengeance on a spiritual assassin who may have murdered his wife, but when his vengeance awakens a mythical beast, the giant corpse of his dead wife, and Dr. Wilhelm Reich himself, he must harness the power of orgone energy to obliterate the trauma of his past. With original illustrations by Luke Spooner, this is a literary experience not to be missed. 

“A fantastic writer who thoroughly ‘gets’ the subtleties of any style he decides to tackle. Jamie writes with a combination of playfulness and skill so sorely lacking in today’s literary scene.” –Gregg Turkington

“Grefe creates stories to seduce, hypnotize, and cast a marvelous spell on the reader.  He is a true wizard of words.  So turn the page and the enjoy the magic.” – Jim Wynorski, screenwriter and director of Chopping Mall

“Grefe-san writes with the lethality of a ninja, the laughter of the buddha, and the sublimity of a blood-splattered sakura blossom. Don’t let this gaijin fool you.” – Arthur Graham, author of Tanuki Tango Overdrive

“Grefe is a lyricist of the grotesque, an ultrasensualist with an ultraviolent imagination that would put Anthony Burgess’ to shame. He writes odes to the destruction of the human body so sonically rich they’ll make you marvel at the possibilities of the English language even as you gag on your breakfast. In STATIC, our argyle-socked protagonist’s epic quest to find his girlfriend at a sex party sends him into alternate timelines and identities, slipping through static from one reality to the next, from a spectacular scissor massacre to an awkward copy-room seduction to a public autocastration, a series of interpolating storylines that will have you asking the kinds of existential questions that keep philosophers up at night. Just another Nyquilian night at Grefe’s Palm Desert Highway Motel.” – Katie Farris, author of boysgirls

Bizarro Pulp Press 2016

Cover Design: Matthew Revert

Editor: Vincenzo Bilof 

Thanks to: Katie Farris and Matt Bell