States of Terror Vol. 2

STATES OF TERROR VOL. 2, the gorgeously slime-drenched and ooze-slick literary horror anthology from Ayahuasca Publishing, featuring eighteen original tales of creatures in North America, will go LIVE TO BUY ($$$) on Halloween. I’m honored that “Lemon Chest,” my Michigan Dogman story, gory and slippery and slasher-y as it is, was chosen for publication within these ghostly pages.

From the publisher: “From their hiding places in the darkness of the Louisiana bayou, to the scorched earth of the Badlands where they assume free rein, the myths and monsters of American folklore are a part of our culture we cannot escape. In this continuation of the States of Terror series, 18 writers and 22 artists lead us further into the shadows and haunts of the United States, peeling away our preconceptions to find the truths beneath our fears. You have been invited. You have been warned.” 

And this book is beautifully designed, fleshy, firm. To hold it in your hands, the pages feel like how an old pulp paperback feels, but softer like a blanket, smoother, creamier–bloodier with use. Your eyes will thank you. I’ve since placed this book on the mantle in my living room, so it stares at me when I’m sitting on the sofa trying not to bite my own tongue. At night, it whispers Gnostic curses. I swear this book is haunted: a conjuring of ghouls, a summoning of goats, a premonition of the grave. I can’t stop pulling it down, cracking it open, smelling those words—entering, entering, entering. This book makes me proud to be an American. This book makes me want to go out and hunt monsters in foggy forests, chase legends underwater, and board shut the windows.

The authors in this book include  myself, Adrian Van Young, Zack Wentz, Ben Segal, Heather Fowler, Meg Tuite, Thomas Martin, Brian Krans, Lizz Huerta, Cameron Pierce, Natanya Ann Pulley, Kirsten Alene, Stephen Brophy, Amber Sparks, J.S. Breukelaar, Danielle Renino, Steve Jones, Jerry Morrissette & Ben Loory

The Artists: Adam Miller, Haig Demarjian, Pat Kelley, Dominic Viona, Ben Donahue, Nickolai Kilin, Enzo Garza, Zack Atkinson, Heather Scoggins, Daniel Kern, David Ferreira, Sam J. Royale, Craig Schaffer, Rich Woodall, Hanna Tawater, Karl Slominski, Zachary Naylor, JB Roe, Tom Torrey, Frank Casazza, Geoff, Mosse, Joe Haley & Josh Morrissette.

As an end note, I want to personally thank Zack Wentz for guiding certain folks to consider my talents for this anthology. Discovering Zack’s New Dead Families years ago was a revelation. Honestly, Zack’s taught me more about writing than he probably thinks he does. I’m forever grateful for his literary guidance and those world-class editing skills.

If you’re looking for an anthology experience that will gobble you up with its monstrous chops, buy a copy of STATES OF TERROR VOL. 2 and prepare to be enchanted.

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