Mutagon II

NOTE: Dynatox Ministries, running limited editions as they do, have temporarily removed or sold out of most of their titles. Mutagon II was limited to 50 copies, so those of you who managed to snag a copy, congratulations and enjoy!

MUTAGON II tells the tale of Ned Houston, a hitman out on the job for his last hit. But when the corporation he works for decides not to play fair game, Ned’s life is thrust into a world of betrayal, Japanese snuff television, organized crime, and the ineffable power of the MUTAGON II.

This is a bizarro Takashi Miike infused crime romp, written entirely while listening to the gloriously odd sounds of Sun Araw.

This title is currently available as a limited edition paperback through the Holy Mountain Outreach imprint of Dynatox Ministries for $7.00.

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