Hybrids // Fiction

What follows is a selected list of my shorter work: short fiction, micro-fictions, poems, lyric essays, and book reviews circa 2011 — present. While there are other works out there that I have published and am quite proud of, I consider these the finest.

House of Seven Belles: Angels, Rise in Ecstasy (byNWR)

Slime Birth: On Zulawski’s Possession :: (Plinth)

A Mutual Oblivion: On Umberto Lenzi’s Spasmo :: (Sein Und Werden: Giallo Issue)

German Chocolate :: (Birkensnake)

Unfisting :: (elimae)

A Cauldron for Angelo :: (Pulp Metal Magazine)

The Future of Festering Wounds :: (New Dead Families)

Boning the Lip//Sand Pebbles//Lung Dusk :: (Brown God)

Edmond Caldwell’s Human Wishes/Enemy Combatant Review :: (Prick of the Spindle)

Corridor One: Blue Waves of You :: (A-Minor)

Giraffes :: (Untoward Magazine)

Headcheese :: (The Bacon Review)

To Polluted Interiors :: (Gone Lawn)

Possession: Notes for Zulawski :: (Fictionaut)

In the End :: (Untoward Magazine)

Cutlery. Ecstasy. Vinegar. Broken China :: (Rufous City Review)

Winter Holes//For a Worm’s Night :: (Lies/Isle)

Aase Berg’s Dark Matter Review :: (ShreddedMaps)

D. Harlan Wilson’s Peckinpah Review :: (ShreddedMaps)

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