Domo ArigaDIE!!!

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Domo ArigaDIE!!! (Rooster Republic Press, 2015)


Alodia Obelisk is a ninja assassin whose life is about to take a stab for the worst—for the ultra-violent worst.

When her elderly ninja master is slaughtered for the ninja secrets he possesses by the sadistic boss of The Order of Azaded, a perverse death-cult, Alodia and her sister, Erika, become next on the cult’s kill list. The cult’s plan for the sisters: to crack open their skulls, extract their brains and blend those magic-infused-brains with a brute soldier clone—for the purpose of world domination. But when the cult seizes Erika during a crazy New Tokyo bathhouse battle, Alodia has no choice but to strike back and annihilate the opposition before her sister’s brains are scooped from her cranium.

With vivid bursts of suspense, surrealism, science-fiction, saucy humor, and neo-pulp ferocity, comes a story of the psychophysical power hidden inside of a true warrior, a story that doesn’t shy away from the blood, the grime, and the glory of love, and a story of one ninja’s powerful transformation in the face of utter evil.

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