Cannibal Fatales

December 2014 update: Herein lies the finalized PDF of CANNIBAL FATALES. Download it. If you feel inclined to rate or write a review for your blog or the book’s Goodreads page, I’d be much obliged. Thank you and enjoy this schlocky 70s grindhouse cannibal-occult feast!

NOTE: Dynatox Ministries, running limited editions as they do, have temporarily removed or sold out of most of their titles. CANNIBAL FATALES was limited to 15 hardcover copies, so those of you who managed to snag a copy, congratulations and enjoy!

Paperback copies with alternate artwork are forthcoming.

Given limited availability of this run, I cannot guarantee how long this purchase link will remain active. However, once the paperback is released, I will update accordingly. Thank you. If you are interested in buying this book, click: HERE.

About the Book:

CANNIBAL FATALES is a Russ Meyer meets Dario Argento cannibal romp. A group of aspiring Hollywood starlets travel to a remote California desert town to film a low-budget slasher film. The girls get more than they bargain for when they encounter a mysterious stranger who invites them to a party nestled in the nearby mountains. What they thought was going to be a night of fun turns into pure existential terror when a haunting secret becomes their bloody reality.

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