Minimal Dissection Techniques (Full Album – Free) 

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Over twelve hours of original occult transmissions, performed, mixed and produced from 2004-2010 from the home of harsh electronic noise, Japan. Most of these pieces were released through such noise labels as Japanoise, Knife in the Toaster, Audiobot, Enmity, Self-Satisfied, Swampland Noise, PacREC, Opposite records, and others that I simply can’t recall. There are some collaborative pieces here (Zoon, Hidekazu Wakabayashi), but for the most part these pieces were entirely self-recorded and self-produced. Most of these original limited-edition albums have vanished, relegated to the shelves of noise collectors and weirdos around the world.

Materials: Spongefork (OSX), contact microphones, Pure Noise, Audacity, Korg sampler, Sony MiniDisc recorder, microphone, Behringer mixing board, acoustic guitar, household utensils, found sound recordings of Japan, CD-J (for looping), MIDI keyboard, guitar pedals, and a plethora of bodily fluids, household substances and extractions.

I’ve been sitting on this material for years and it is finally time to make it available to the public. Though this is not the entirety of my noise archive, it features, what I consider to be some of the most potent pieces that I worked on–cathartic, intense, varied, honed and refined for maximum (dis)satisfaction. And, though I label this collection as “Noise,” it really runs from gamut from sparse improvised techniques, drone, power electronics, performance art, folk-noise, grind, and darkwave to avant-garde film soundtrack work, traditional Japanese music, occultism and beyond.

I hope you enjoy the noise. Thank you.