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Jamie Grefe

Screenwriter, Author, Producer

More Stills From Forthcoming Movie!

Enjoy these promotional stills from director Rene Perez, who is currently shooting a unique horror/fantasy project that I wrote. You will love this one.

The Gory, Perverse Insanity of Yoshihiro Nishimura: 5 Must-See Films –

This past weekend at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, we had the honor of seeing Yoshihiro Nishimura’s newest film and the latest inclusion in the MEATBALL MACHINE series, MEATBALL MACHINE KODUKA. Nishimura has become famous worldwide not only for his amazing special effect work but also for his self-styled fast-moving gonzo films, all of which […]

Source: The Gory, Perverse Insanity of Yoshihiro Nishimura: 5 Must-See Films –

A Targeted Obsession: Screenplay

In the tradition of the extraordinary Lifetime thriller world of TV movies comes an original spec screenplay by Jamie Grefe — A TARGETED OBSESSION.

Logline: After being attacked by her ex-husband, a college professor takes a summer teaching job in the country, only to find her life torn apart by a handsome stranger who is more dangerously connected to her past than she ever would have thought.

Download the PDF here: A TARGETED OBSESSION Screenplay (PDF)

And, if you’re looking, here are some of my favorite Lifetime movies that helped shape this script:

DEADLY LESSONS (dir. David Decoteau)


A DEADLY ADOPTION (dir. Rachel Goldenberg)


SEDUCED (dir. Jessica Janos)


THE WRONG STUDENT (dir. David Decoteau)


UNWANTED GUEST (dir. Fred Olen Ray)


On a related note, if you have the screenplay for any of these listed movies, please get in touch. I’d love to read the script. If you’re looking to read more of my work, get in touch.


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