The Wishing Forest / Quest for the Unicorn

THE WISHING FOREST (aka QUEST FOR THE UNICORN) is currently available on DVD/Blu-Ray in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. If you are outside of those regions and wish to watch this movie, please watch and consider leaving a review/rating on IMDB. Once this movie becomes available in Region 1 territories, I will remove this link. It is posted for educational purposes only. Thank you.

(Horror/Fantasy – 2018: Feature)

A beautiful desperate widow goes on a dangerous quest to meet a mythical wish-granting unicorn who lies deep in the cannibal-infested “Wishing Forest.” Along the way, she encounters a mighty warrior and a deceptive thief, who may or may not be trustworthy. But danger lurks everywhere and they are being tracked by the deadliest cannibal of all, a bloodthirsty savage who worships a magical feral Goddess who feasts on the hearts of his victims.

Directed by Leia & Jadzia Perez / Written by Jamie Grefe / Produced By Stormi Maya

Starring Karin Brauns, Robert Amstler, Samuel Story, Charlie Glackin, and Stormi Maya

The Wishing Forest Grefe Das Geheimnis des Einhorns

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Arrow in the Head

Il Cineocchi (Italian) 

Horror Domain 

Horormagoria (Slovakia)

Clatto Verata

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Listen to the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by composer Guthrie Lowe: