The Last Roommate

The Last Roommate erotic thriller movie

THE LAST ROOMMATE centers around a young woman who, upon falling in love with her seductive new roommate, sinks into an erotic tangle of violence and deadly obsession. Inspired by the works of Georges Bataille, Hisayasu Sato, and David Decoteau’s Lifetime features, THE LAST ROOMMATE is a psycho-sexual erotic thriller, daring and sublime.

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THE LAST ROOMMATE (2020) – Official Trailer

RAW Screenshots:

Director: Dustin Ferguson (aka DARK INFINITY)

Screenwriter / Story: Jamie Grefe

Starring: Julie Anne Prescott and Jennifer Nangle

COMPLETED! Coming this spring via SoCal Cinema Studios.

UPDATE: The Region-Free DVD is available to purchase as of 4/14/2020! Order your disc today.


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