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Source: Static/Orgone – HorrorTalk

Shane Douglas Keene gives Static/Orgone 4.5/5 stars.

“Grefe is an extraordinary wordsmith, his prose haunting, enchanting, and seductive, and Static/Orgone is one of the most remarkable works of fiction I’ve read in a long time when it comes to masterful use of the English language. If you are a fan of gorgeous words and lyrical descriptions that paint vivid technicolor pictures on the canvas of your brain, you won’t want to miss this stunning double novella from the beautifully twisted mind of Jamie Grefe.”


Don’t Paint With Fire Epub Screenplay on Smashwords! It’s FREE.

Don't Paint With Fire slasher screenplay by Jamie Grefe
Don’t Paint With Fire – a screenplay by Jamie Grefe

I’ve decided to upload and publish one of my spec scripts, DON’T PAINT WITH FIRE, on the self-publishing site Smashwords as an epub download. HERE’S THE LINK. Snag yourself a copy and spread the word. My suggested price is $0.99, but $0.00 will get it on your device. Just leave me a comment on the script’s Smashwords page or spread the word somehow. Even one share spreads the art.

The formatting should be good, but if it’s shoddy, let me know. I have a few specs I wouldn’t mind sharing, and are a good representation of my screenwriting experience.

Or, if you’d prefer a PDF, drop a comment or contact me and I’ll do my best to fulfill your request in a timely manner. (UPDATE: Head over to the script’s Goodreads page. There’s a tasty PDF lurking there.)

Thanks for reading and sharing.