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Jamie Grefe

Screenwriter, Author, Producer

Author / mondoident


I was recently brought on-board to write Jared Masters’ SLINK 2: THE HUMAN SPECIMEN, that is now funding on Indiegogo. SLINK (2013) is one of Masters’ most successful films and stars Danika Gould, Dawna Lee Heising, Art Roberts, Julia Faye West, and Anthony del Negro. Watch it HERE. I can guarantee you that SLINK 2 […]

A Targeted Obsession: Screenplay

In the tradition of the extraordinary Lifetime thriller world of TV movies comes an original spec screenplay by Jamie Grefe — A TARGETED OBSESSION. Logline: After being attacked by her ex-husband, a college professor takes a summer teaching job in the country, only to find her life torn apart by a handsome stranger who is more dangerously […]

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