A Christmas Love

A Christmas Love / Directed by Gregory Hatanaka / Written by Jamie Grefe

Logline: A couple struggling to make ends meet are given a new chance by the arrival of a mysterious letter that grants them one special wish during the holiday season.

This is technically the first Christmas-themed script I’ve ever written. I believe I’ve steered away from holiday-themed features on all of my specs. But I have interest in niche genres, and had a few Google Docs of working notes on the “Hallmark Christmas Romance” feature. I laid out some common themes, a good handful of loglines, and pulled together a few articles that laid out theories to the Hallmark formula. I balanced this out with a hearty dose of David Decoteau Hallmark-minded features (and, of course, any with Jessica Morris) and took to Greg Hatanaka’s thoughts with an open mind. From that, I sculpted Greg’s thoughts into a narrative that I knew I could write. Once imagined and structured, I went to work. I think the story has some light. Maybe some tears. And it could make you laugh. It’s a magical story more than anything. It presents an understanding of Christmas that approaches the holiday through the passage of impermanence, doing what is right, and leaning into the signals of the Ineffable.

Merry Christmas, everyone. May this bring you some joy.