A CHRISTMAS LOVE (Exclusive Trailer)

I’m pleased to post the trailer for A CHRISTMAS LOVE, a pure heartwarming (heart-burning, yearning, churning) injection of Christmas magic, merged with the ineffable spirit of hope, and (gasp!) love rekindled.

Who Doesn’t Like a Christmas Movie?!

Truly, this is the going to a touching Christmas feature that you’ll never forget as long as you live, dear reader. In fact, you’ll LOVE IT. Trust me. Please, just watch the movie. I poured myself into it — the warmth, the humble wafts of the cool autumnal air. Plus, when Gregory Hatanaka calls you late at night and asks if you want to write a Christmas movie that’s going to shoot SOON — you act on the opportunity. With glee. With pure joy.

Lucky for me, I had a working Google Doc with a number of Hallmark Christmas movie tropes. And I used those tropes when I could, used them as restrictions to draw from. And to let the moment open itself to what comes. Of course, Boss Hatanaka provided some of his own holidays details, experienced as he is, armed with his years of cinematic expertise — possible locations, attached cast, general desired themes, etc. And I incorporated those into the ideas that I was working with. From that swirl, an outline was born. And I knew this feature had to revolve around the mystery of Christmas, the magic of Christmas. If we were going to go full-on Hallmark-level, we had to do it right. We had to go deep, deeper than before.

Embrace the Creative Spirit

Tread cautiously and with gratitude when you cross uncharted creative waters. Sure, those waters have been crossed by others before. They’ve paved the way. But if you want to stretch that road into its own current, you have to humble yourself before the EIGO NO KAMISAMA and know that the flow-spirit of that current loves when you allow yourself to blend into the present moment. Only in that space (the point of the present) does the magic of time itself break open.

And you write. And you craft. And A CHRISTMAS LOVE is spun into being.

I hope you like it.

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