A SLOW COOKED HEART! Antayla Film Forum 2020: Series Pitching Platform (!!!)

Antalya Film Forum 2020 Promo Video

Last year I tore open one of Can Evrenol’s concepts and fleshed it out, turned it into a pilot script complete with series bible / pitch deck. Can and I haggled, splattered words to script, went back and forth into the COOKED HEART universe and finessed the script. We fell blissfully into the series potential — where it could lead, how it could unfold, the tangles of mystery and intrigue that it compels forth. And A SLOW COOKED HEART was born.

Earlier this year, Can and producer Bora Yuksel took the project to the 2020 Antayla Film Forum, where it was accepted into the Series Pitching Platform competition. I’m beyond honored to have this project at the Antayla Film Forum and have nothing but admiration for Can and Bora. I trust the vision. I’m confident in the script and in the project. I look forward to seeing what they cook up (the grizzle, the guts, the sizzling flesh alight under a Turkish moon). And you, reader, friend… I hope you are able to see this series come to life. It’s truly a special project for audiences all over the world.

Stay tuned for updates. Any many thanks to Can and Bora for believing in this project, and for the team at the Antayla Film Forum for the interest. My gratitude to all. Thank you.

For visual ecstasy, here’s Can’s reel:

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