Updates // September 2020

September has arrived and I haven’t updated in ages. COVID has mutated into a blur of work-at-home days, time spent wandering the halls of this house, the neighborhood, or sitting at the kitchen table writing, reading D.T. Suzuki or E.M. Cioran. I’ve been fortunate that time has passed and I’ve been able to spend meaningful time with my family. And alone… Or online. The rhythm of the days unfold dream-like and busy. And the ocean is nearby with its ever-roaring majesty.

And there are projects to come, screenplays that have been written and others yet to be written. I’ve been hired by Cineridge Entertainment, and have (as of penning this update) written THREE feature scripts for them in the last couple months, two of which are in pre-production, and set to shoot this autumn. Writing for Cineridge has been a great joy. Greg Hatanaka is an inspiring mind and I’m honored to have the opportunity to learn from his expertise and partner with him on these projects. I consider these some of my finest scripts, and I was given extraordinary creative control over the narratives, which I’m grateful for. They are lean, inventive, compelling, and suspenseful. And sexy. They have to be sexy.

Finally, Jay Burleson has been hermetically working on our A HOUSE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD (ex-UNFINISHED BUSINESS) and I’ve seen many cuts of the feature. I can confidently say that it is a powerful work, and Jay really made the story into a dark trip. I hope we can share this work with you soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

Keep yourself safe and focused. Think purposefully and don’t forget to stretch.

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