The Last Roommate is now available on DVD!

Dark Infinity (aka Dustin Ferguson) did an incredible job bringing this heroin-droned thriller of ours — THE LAST ROOMMATE — to cinematic life. The script oozed of Hisayasu Sato-infused undertones as well as limited-location Decoteau thriller-in-a-mansion overtones (if you swap mansion for modest apartment), and Ferguson brought the gritty sleaze in style.

The result feels like a lost (or abandoned) HD-dubbed-in-VHS oddity found rummaging through a slime-encrusted dumpster in the back of an adult novelty store somewhere out in the desert. And, YES, as writer of the project, that’s a true blue compliment. I love the commitment that Julie and Jenn bring to the project and am grateful to witness the spectacle (the true ontological horror) of having one’s written word translated to the screen – and humanized by other people. Thank you for making isolation a thing of beauty. I hope you will enjoy this movie. Here’s the trailer for the uninitiated:

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