The Slasher App: Review (Android & IOS)

Let the digital blood flow forth and the slumber parties commence! The Slasher App is live for both Android and IOS. And I just signed up for a free account (yeah!). Come on, as a horror screenwriter and genre nut, I had to take the leap. What follows are some off-the-cuff thoughts on the experience of using the Slasher App.

Slasher App Review

At it’s present stage of unveiling, users are met with a News feed of recent horror happenings. For the time being, the aggregated feed is thin, but I imagine that will change as the days go by and the feed expands its aggregation of outlets and horror news offerings. This kind of horror curation could be beneficial if it pulls from wide enough variety of sources. I’d LOVE to see more integration of foreign horror culture as well as horror theories and mixed genre hybrids.

Visually, the slasher-fueled opening screen is gorgeous, and the black background with red font layout works well, and nothing feels cramped, buggy, or out-of-place.


Aside from Horror News, the app currently offers information on upcoming Events, a My Calendar page, a Message Board (that allows users to post news, opportunities, trades, recommendations, etc.), a Live Chat function, the ability to add (and search for) Friends, as well as… Dating (which, I guess, could work if you’re looking for a horror-friendly partner). This offering makes it hard for me to pin down the exact purpose of the app, but it feels like the developers are trying to create a social collaborative space for horror folks to drop wisdom and potential projects — get social and engage in the community.

I’m most excited for what this app will bring to the table in turns of professional networking opportunities. As an independent screenwriter, I’m always on the look-out for creative collaborations. Bringing horror content creators together with producers, studios, start-ups, and/or investors could make for a very engaging space to fuel ideas and bring them to life.

If the app allows the ability to search for “Friends,” go ahead and add me up. I’m curious to follow the trajectory of this app. I believe the time is right for a platform that brings passionate creators together with fans from all over the world in a kind of micro-space of engagement and community. And, while I was hoping for a “slasher-heavy” app — a kind of go-to resource for slasher fans — what I ended up installing is a community-centric platform for engagement that could be worth your time.

For now, it’s free. Get slashed. Give it a shot if you’re so inclined.

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