Quest for the Unicorn – ITN Films

I am pleased to find that ITN Films is handling new (better!!!) distribution for THE WISHING FOREST and have taken it under their wing as the incredibly titled QUEST FOR THE UNICORN.

THE WISHING FOREST was released exclusively in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland last year, but never managed to secure a proper US release. This has made it hard for me to promote the piece. However, my fingers are crossed that this new push via ITN will open the way for the film to reach a much wider audience.

I trust ITN Films and hope that this slice of gonzo cannibal unicorn action melodrama can find the home that it so righteously deserves. I put a lot of love and care into the script and am happy with the end result. Films like this (i.e. films that operate on an extremely limited budget) are always a challenge, but QUEST FOR THE UNICORN feels really big, despite its obvious limitations.

Honestly, the actress and painter Karin Brauns is phenomenal as the lead, and Robert Amstler is a solid swordsman who knows how to weep and how to fight. And, of course, a Perez picture wouldn’t be complete without the outspoken presence of Stormi Maya who dons her skull-crown and joins the fray as a wicked feral cannibal warrior.

Will QUEST FOR THE UNICORN usher in a new era of cannibal/unicorn exploitation flicks? No… Sadly. But, it’s a very fun ride, at once (hopefully) emotionally charged, gory, and frugal in the best possible way. And I’m proud of having written it. Here’s to many more!

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