Sexy Nurses (2017): SFW Video Clip!

a SFW clip from my 2017 movie “Sexy Nurses” (originally entitled, “Savage Nurses”)

I saw Sexy Nurses on Tubi last year, but it’s since vanished into the void. If you can find a feature-length version, get in touch. It might surprise you, but even though I wrote this feature, my contract did not specify receiving a copy. I actually didn’t know it had distribution until I stumbled on it through Tubi TV. 

The movie is gleefully silly. I was reading a lot of P.G. Wodehouse and studying Gregory Dark movies around the time and, of course, anything filtered through Jim Wynorski’s “Witches of Breastwick” vision is going to come out swinging. 

This is the only clip I can find online. Pining for more. In the meantime, treat yourself well and enjoy the footage. 

7 thoughts

    1. The movie was released here in the US via Tubi TV, a streaming service. I’m not sure about other territories around the world, though. If it’s released on any platform, I’ll definitely update info on the site. Thanks for your interest.


      1. okay perfect , have you watched the movie ?
        if yes , can you please give me some details about the story and the love scenes please?


      2. I have seen the movie, but can’t recall which actors appear in which softcore scenes. Since I wrote the story, I was more focused on seeing how those scenes played out. Will definitely update the site if/when the movie comes available on any platforms. Thanks!


  1. hello , any updates on this movie? or at least the storyline or plot?
    i’m interested to know what happens in this movie but i can’t find it anywhere…
    thank you.


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