Download “Double D Dude Ranch” Screenplay PDF!

A softcore spaghetti western? Yes. Indeed, dear reader. Only the best for Showtime. And now, for the first time since its production, you can download the official DOUBLE D DUDE RANCH screenplay for free. CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF. (Cue canned applause — you’re happy, right?)

When I originally wrote “Double D Dude Ranch,” I was told to craft a light-hearted and action-packed (in more than one way) comedic softcore spaghetti western. Those were the parameters. Having grown up on Ennio Morricone scores and Jim Wynorski movies, I knew I had what it took to make that happen. And, back in 2013, when I wrote the project, I was very green in terms of screenwriting. I hate to admit it, but this was only the second or third screenplay that I had ever written using Final Draft. In fact, I bought Final Draft only a few months prior to writing this script so that I could work on several other softcore features that I was commissioned to write.

And I was damn proud of the project. I took the point of view that even though it was softcore, which I know is shunned upon and relegated to the trash bin of cinematic artistry, I would be making content that audiences around the world would enjoy for years to come. Yes, dear reader, this movie would literally have a visceral effect on the viewer. I can admire that. I also got the chance to consult with the maestro himself, Jim Wynorski. I have respect for all those involved on the production. Upon watching, it’s clear that spirits were mighty high on set!

In retrospect, when I look back at this project, I still admire it greatly. These softcores enter audiences into a world of surreal passion, enjoyment, frivolity, and fun. They are the extreme manifestations of fantasy given how prevalent the eroticism grows as the narrative progresses. And I admire that. Yes, it was a blast directing this softcore project and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

If you haven’t already check out Marc Fusion’s brilliant video review of “Double D Dude Ranch.” Thanks, Marc, for your support! I’m very glad that you enjoyed the movie. And, though, there’s sadly never been a trailer of the movie cut, I know that certain NSFW scenes are out there on the Internet. Search around if you’re of age. Otherwise, ride on, comboys and cowgirls.

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