The Wishing Forest on DVD/Blu-Ray for Region 2 Audiences as “Das Geheimnis des Einhorns”

The Wishing Forest Grefe Das Geheimnis des Einhorns


The ultra-slick Region 2 release of THE WISHING FOREST is now live and ready for your hard earned Euros. Produced and distributed by Austrian entertainment company Schroeder Media, The Wishing Forest or “Das Geheimnis des Einhorns” is readily available for purchase on Amazon and other Region 2 DVD/Blu-Ray outlets. Unfortunately for those of us twiddling our collective thumbs in the USA (and regions other than 2), we’ll have to wait until early August. As of now, the USA release date for The Wishing Forest is August 1st where it will hit all major platforms. That said, check out that artwork. It’s pretty darn cool.

Being the first feature European film to be released that I’ve been the sole writer of, I’m especially curious to see the varying interpretations of box cover art that will come along with the release into various other territories. As it is now, we have a majestic white unicorn with a crystalline mane shimmering through an idyllic forest. It appears as if her pure magic is radiating out from heaven. Man, I feel like whoever rents this expecting a children’s movie is going to be extremely shocked as soon as the bloodthirsty cannibals show up and start gnawing bare flesh. Maybe I’m just not in tune with European marketing sensibilities.


Produced by emerging actress and producer Stormi Maya, and starring Austrian bodybuilder Robert Amstler as well as Beverly Hills-based painter and Swedish model Karin Brauns, THE WISHING FOREST tells the story of a woman on a quest for closure, a quest that she hopes will bring her in touch with a mythical wish-granting unicorn. But in order to find the unicorn, she will have to traverse the cannibal-infested forest, an unholy place. Here she will find a particularly viscous cannibal stalker as well as a beautiful feral goddess with a penchant for archery. With a mixture of wit, horror, comedy, and fantasy, THE WISHING FOREST is unlike anything I’ve seen. When the directors approached me and asked if I had an idea for a “serious” unicorn movie, I rolled with it and tapped into the kind of unicorn movie that I would love to see — something raw, powerful, and bursting with orgonic energy.


Cannibals… Unicorns… An incredibly resilient and strong heroine… A magical unicorn… The aura of mountainous redwoods… The presence of monstrous feral Goddesses… The acerbic wit of a thief who finds himself on the journey of a lifetime… Sword fights… And the dying wish of truly good people. This weird violent fairy tale will grip you and not let you go. Of course I’ll say that, because I wrote it, but the execution of it — the direction by the Perez sisters — comes off so slick and gorgeous. It’s really a spectacle to behold.

In the meantime, share this article, share the trailer and spread the word. This summer is going to be smoldering hot with the blood of those who choose to cross the magical unicorn. It’s going to be a real dream come true.

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