Marc Fusion reviews DOUBLE D DUDE RANCH

Plot: The infamous Double D Dude Ranch is the sexiest place in the west, which is why it seems like someone is always trying to take it over, despite the owner’s insistence that she will neve…

Read Marc’s excellent written review of this zany flick: Double D Dude Ranch (2016) – Marc Fusion 

As he writes, “So if you prefer erotic thrillers to erotic comedy/westerns, Double D Dude Ranch might not be the ideal match. And if you’re after a traditional cinematic experience, this is again not your best choice. But if you want a blend of groan inducing humor, hilarious performances, and nearly constant naked women, Double D Dude Ranch hits the mark and then some. The cast puts forth a noble effort, but even in this thin material, the skill just isn’t there to pull off the humor. So the bad jokes just sink and to me, that is good news, as it adds to the fun. I do think most of the cast is enthusiastic as well, which helps the entertainment value. So if you want a late night style movie with humor and boobs, you’ve found it here.”

Also, check out Marc’s video review:


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