Don’t Paint With Fire Epub Screenplay on Smashwords! It’s FREE.

Don't Paint With Fire slasher screenplay by Jamie Grefe
Don’t Paint With Fire – a screenplay by Jamie Grefe

I’ve decided to upload and publish one of my spec scripts, DON’T PAINT WITH FIRE, on the self-publishing site Smashwords as an epub download. HERE’S THE LINK. Snag yourself a copy and spread the word. My suggested price is $0.99, but $0.00 will get it on your device. Just leave me a comment on the script’s Smashwords page or spread the word somehow. Even one share spreads the art.

The formatting should be good, but if it’s shoddy, let me know. I have a few specs I wouldn’t mind sharing, and are a good representation of my screenwriting experience.

Or, if you’d prefer a PDF, drop a comment or contact me and I’ll do my best to fulfill your request in a timely manner. (UPDATE: Head over to the script’s Goodreads page. There’s a tasty PDF lurking there.)

Thanks for reading and sharing.

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