Double D Dude Ranch Screenplay Excerpt

Here, I present you with an excerpt of the shooting script from the softcore movie “Double D Dude Ranch” for your reading pleasure. I wrote this script in late 2013 under the guidance of legendary director/producer Jim Wynorski. If you’re so inclined to watch the full movie online, it’s currently available on Showtime.

Double D Dude Ranch is a softcore spaghetti western comedy about an evil landowner trying to take control of a certain piece of prized property at any costs. This movie features Andy San Dimas and Gigi Allens among other fine talent.

The movie is also available via Amazon Prime’s Showtime Add-On subscription, so if you happen to have Amazon’s Showtime Add-On, please visit Amazon’s Double D Dude Ranch page. After you watch the movie, if you could drop a review or even just a star rating, I’d be most obliged, cowpoke.

So, without further ado, if you’re interested in what kind of back-end sceenwriting wizardry was used to create such a film, please enjoy this excerpt.


Also, if you’re interested in my other film work, please visit the main page or, if you’re interested in producing my work, please visit my “Spec Scripts” page.

Thank you.


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