The Wrong House in the Woods: A Micro-budget Horror Screenplay

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve just put the finishing touches on the second draft of “The Wrong House in the Woods,” a feature-length micro-budget horror screenplay of epic B-horror slasher proportions–a truly unique slasher. The logline for this film reads:

When their van breaks down in the woods, a fashion photography crew, along with a witty make-up artist, become trapped in an isolated mansion inhabited by a maniacal killer who, with his gruesome sidekick, start to prey, forcing the crew to stop the killer before he guts them all.

I began this screenplay about three weeks ago after spending serious study-time within the realm of micro-budget horror films such as “Blood Runs Cold,” “The Last House in the Woods,” “Primal,” “The Last House on Dead End Street,” and “Some Kind of Hate.” My goal was not to imitate these films, but rather write a screenplay that, like them, was confined to a limited isolated location. And, I believe I accomplished what I set out to do.

As it stands now, there is only one primary location in the film (a house in the woods), along with the surrounding woods, empty roads at night, and more woods. There are six main cast members and an additional six cast members that only briefly appear, but are well utilized.


It’s interesting writing within the scope of intentional limitations. It forced me to solve script problems without reaching for more (without reaching outward), but rather reaching for more depth within a scene, reaching for what makes a scene compelling. I also wanted to focus on the realistic possibility of this script eventually getting produced. I often read about calls for micro-budget horror scripts and now I have one. If you are an entertainment professional and would like a PDF copy of this script, please get in touch. 

NOTE: for a complete list of my spec scripts, please click HERE. Thank you.

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