Gasface: Post-Apocalyptic Pollution Slasher Spec Script

On the heels of my first “desert” script, “Facility 237,” I’d like to announce that my second desert-themed feature-length screenplay is DONE (!!!). It’s called “Gasface” and it’s a post-apocalyptic pollution slasher.

The logline is as follows:


When a thickening haze of deadly pollution forces a group of strangers into a deserted industrial complex, they become hunted by a mythical killer, forcing them to fight back or die as the effects of the pollution warps their minds.


This script took root as an experiment in minimalism coupled with maximum effect. I wanted to write something that would take place in an isolated location that would be perfect for a lower budget production, something heavy on character dynamics, suspense, mood, action, and, of course, HORROR. I also wanted to use the idea of pollution in a horror context. That pollution, in some ways, drives this script and becomes a character of its own.

There are six main cast members, one main villain, and an additional six minor characters. As for CGI, I would recommend some kind of effect to create the permeating image of dense post-apocalyptic air (venomous air, neon air like a chemical sludge swirling in the sky). There’s also blood (copious amounts of it) and melting skin. There has to be melting skin.


One thing I’m most drawn to in this script is the creation of a slasher that you — the reader, the viewer — empathize with and, simultaneously, despise. She’s troubled, wicked, brutal, unrelenting, and she wears a slick gas mask throughout. She’s also EXCELLENT with edged weapons and wooden stakes.


As I was writing this script, I kept thinking of Takashi Miike, imagining myself in his writing shoes, wondering how he would write this kind of twisted action/horror/sci-fi chaos. I rewatched “Gozu” and “Izo” and used their violent power to help escalate this script to a place I didn’t think it could go. Things get strange, yes, but never completely fly off the rails. I stuck to the characters and let them engage and make their way through this horrific situation.

As of today (January 23rd), I’m currently revising this one, but if you are an entertainment professional looking for a feature-length horror hybrid script, please get in touch. I’m happy to send it along. I’d love to see this one realized. Thank you!




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