Make Me Bizarro Rich! I need your $1.80!

MEGA SALE!!! Make me rich. I don’t know how this happened (I swear I didn’t set the price this low), but for US customers who use Amazon, my New Bizarro Author Series novella, The Mondo Vixen Massacre, is only $1.80. Yes, ONE DOLLAR AND EIGHTY CENTS. Buy it. You need it. I need you to need it.

I’m sure this won’t last long, $$$ could be rising as we speak. CASH OUT, folks. Don’t regret this opportunity. Seriously, though, I’d give it another day or two before the price rises. Then your chance to chew on some of this greatness (AND wish my book a happy birthday will be gone. FOREVER).

Therefore, if you’re in the mood for a highly reviewed Bizarro-Grindhouse-Action-Revenge-Body Horror extravaganza that just turned TWO YEARS OLD yesterday, and has dental bills to pay and a cake to bake, buy yourself and your whole family a copy. It would make a great Thanksgiving present (just stuff it in the turkey), or, of course you could use it to stuff your stockings. Lord knows I did. So, do it (please).

Hey, yeah, this is a new paperback, not from a third-party seller. It’s also much cheaper than the Kindle edition. You like paper, right? I do! You should, too. This is the book that started everything for me, a book that I poured myself into and disappeared within. It’s the GRINDERMAN of Bizarro books. Your life will be dramatically enhanced once you purchase a copy.

Check the book’s page here on my site for a list of reviews and SPREAD THE WORD. You never know, spreading the word could end up making YOU rich. Here’s that link… AGAIN!

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