John Kearns, Jr. Options Skin Flick

I’m pleased to announce that producer/director John Kearns, Jr., has optioned my feature-length horror/revenge screenplay SKIN FLICK! I’m extremely excited about this and, now with John’s professional expertise, hope to see this screenplay fall across eager eyes interested in producing. I’d love for you to experience this beast.

I wrote SKIN FLICK in the summer of 2014 up here in Taos, New Mexico. My wife had gone to Beijing for the summer and I filled my time by engrossing myself in reading and writing. This script is the result of that isolation. Also, if memory serves, I believe I wrote this film after my first residency in New Hampshire with New England College’s MFA in Creative Writing program. I’d like to think there’s a little Rabelaisian flavor to how the script unfolds. This last winter, I worked hard on polishing–trimming, rewriting, tweaking, improving–and got it to the point where I feel it works as a powerful film. A good friend of mine positioned it between CEMETERY MAN and DEAD ALIVE. For me, it’s always been a TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE meets I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE kind of gig. Here’s the latest log line:

After a young teacher’s female lover is kidnapped by a sadistic “skinning” cult, she transforms into a merciless knife-handed slasher hell-bent on slaying the sadists and saving her lover before they saw her to skinless pieces.

Of course, an option is no guarantee that the film will be sold to a production company, but it’s a great honor, nonetheless. I’m honestly impressed with Kearns’s creative output and am happy to work with him during the option period. It’s time to celebrate.

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