29% Funded! THANK YOU + Incentives

Readers, today is a pretty grand day! Jay Burleson’s Unfinished Business, a feature-length horror movie that I co-wrote, and that is currently crowdfunding at Seed&Spark, is now TWENTY-NINE PERCENT FUNDED. We’re happy to see so much excitement building around this project and can’t wait to present it to the world.

If you haven’t seen the pitch video yet, please give it a view before you contribute:

Also, we welcome producer Jeremy Burgess to our team. If you haven’t seen the trailer for Burgess’s Dead Saturday, featuring Eric Roberts, check out the trailer HERE.

Onward to incentives. 

We’ve set up our incentive structure so as to give you, the contributor, a building-up of awesome options, from receiving Jay’s “production bible,” to receiving copies of Jay’s other feature-length releases (including Anathema Arienette, The Nobodies, and The Lonely). Also, if you’re the artistic type and would like to see your art in a feature-length film, we have an incentive for you, too. Finally, if you want to get a Producer credit or an Executive Producer credit, we have that for you, too. The short of it is that WE WELCOME YOU TO PARTICIPATE AND WANT TO INCLUDE YOU.

Also, readers, I’m always here if you have any questions about how far we want to take this film or how you’re money will be used. Trust me, your money will be put to good use. We’re not making this movie to get paid, we’re making it to make art that will endure and satisfy and stimulate and challenge. That’s what drives us. Let it drive you, too.

Will you be our next contributor? Will you be the one to help us achieve this goal? Let’s make it happen.

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