Approaching 3K! THANK YOU!

Our feature-length horror movie, UNFINISHED BUSINESS, is currently nearing $3,000 and we thank you for the support. That said, we still have a tough road to go to get to the goal. But we can do it. I can feel it in my blood. My bones. The aching feverish itch behind my eyeballs.

And we added a very cool perk for those of you interested in not only contributing money, but also contributing something artistic to the film. For $60, you are now able to feature your artwork or film in the movie. We will display artwork on walls, display your film as a DVD as set out on a table or in a way that organically blends in with a given scene. Do you have a different kind of art that you’re interested in featuring? Let us know.

Make it add to the haunting. Make it add to the horror. Give yourself into the story of this young woman who is haunted by the demons of her past, who will have to go beyond everything she’s ever known to confront the ultimate horror of her life. Bleed yourself into this film. We welcome you, reader. We look forward to meeting you, reader.

Thank you! Let’s make this happen.

Here’s the pitch video, in case you haven’t already seen it:

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