Telepath: A Lyric Essay (#1)

  1. A placid sludge trek (a wettening)
  2. The day split into tiny arm births
  3. Water breath poetics: the sea lion, the anemone
  4. Painting the sacrosanct liminal
  5. Thirty-six frames of bereavement
  6. Night walking toward the Yokohama sea-line
  7. Black born of pink swimming (the first dive)
  8. Horizon arcs
  9. Psycho-loop (triage)
  10. Split arms are beamed
  11. In the sludge-strewn sand
  12. Carved liquidity
  13. A mark of the untraceable
  14. His wet mouth shuddered
  15. Heading the ice: buckets, sea buckets
  16. Your shameful dirt-hair
  17. Prepare the storms of seizure
  18. Flank flesh, the flesh of an unhinged body
  19. We go slow (the cold revisited)
  20. Bliss and Cess(pools): our haunt

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