THANK YOU! Almost Hit 2K + Welcome, Lane Hughes, to UNFINISHED BUSINESS

Above is the trailer for Pop Skull featuring Lane Hughes, who has joined our currently crowdfunding production of UNFINISHED BUSINESS along with Kaylin Quinlivan and Jasper Lee. This is huge for us. Lane’s performance is Pop Skull garnered him a dose of much-deserved horror attention. He’s an amazing talent. I’ve also seen him in You’re Next and the forthcoming The Nobodies. We’re proud (and I mean, really proud) to have him on the team.

We’re proud to have YOU on the team, too. Thanks to our contributors, we’ve almost hit $2,000, or 14% of our desired goal. Please note that the money you contribute goes directly into the production of the film. As writer, I’m not walking away with a paycheck from this project. We’re doing this for the love of horror movie-making. We’re doing this, because we haven’t seen a film like UNFINISHED BUSINESS, so we’re going to make it happen. Sure, we’re doing it because we love the work, but we’re also doing it to give back to the art form, to stand on the shoulders of all of those horror movies that have transfigured our lives throughout the years.

And we can’t do it alone. 

This is truly a grassroots effort. It’s us inviting you into this HORROR MACHINE and welcoming you with open arms. Your efforts are helping make a movie that will live on forevver. We’re not a multi-million dollar Hollywood production team. We’re a group of horror lovers spread out from Alabama to New Mexico and, virtually, wherever our team members live.

So, friends, here’s a list of links. If you don’t have any $$$, but still want to become a part of the horror world, please network with us, share, promote, promote, promote. You’re making history with us.


Unfinished Business Seed & Spark Campaign

Unfinished Business Facebook Page

Dread Central on Unfinished Business

Jay Burleson on Facebook

Jay Burleson on Twitter

Jamie Grefe on Facebook

Jamie Grefe on Twitter

Jasper Lee’s Film Music Demo Reel

Jay Burleson’s Anathema Arienette trailer featuring Kaylin Quinlivan

Thanks, everyone. Drop a comment if you have any promotion suggestions or questions about the film. I’m happy to try and give an answer.

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