Luca Venezia’s THE LAST DEFENDER is the Science-Fiction Synth Soundtrack to Your Vaporized Nightmares

If John Carpenter and Vangelis slipped into a vaporized vortex of oblivion or obliterated cities smoldering in the fumes of humanity’s dead future, THE LAST DEFENDER would be the only remaining remedy for aural healing. But it’s only the imagination of a movie. And this isn’t merely a nostalgia for retro moods and bygone times, it’s a slick, slant journey inward, a conceptual cinematic crafted with care to the science-fiction purpose it holds. It holds that purpose to the end of the album, never letting up that sense of wonder.

And Venezia knows his way around a groove—the guy’s Drop the Lime and Curses. In those years when I tried to deejay, it was always the slamming funk of what he created that I tried to emulate. He knows the liquid quality of music, how to build and burst. But this is different. This is vaporwave territory and it’s pure crystals of dream-juice. I only came to Dream Catalogue a few weeks ago, but those dreams have chewed up my mind and left me peaceful, left me enriched with the sludge of grain and looping neo-memories. I’m feeling more telepathic.

So, yeah, today’s the day to immerse yourself in Venezia’s soundtrack to an imagined narrative, a narrative that, according to the album description plays out like this:

In the classic battle against good and evil, evil wins.

Villains are left ruling the planet and living habits have scorched it to a dry desert landscape, a sprawl of destroyed cities. One vigilante survives the mass genocide of good, and battles in his attempt to bring life back to the world. Ultimately this vigilante discovers there is no civilization anymore, and he is the Last Defender; he walks alone through the heart of the chaos.

Soon the Last Defender is visited by The Rainmakers, an ominous swarm of peaceful, human-like shadows that bring down sheets of gentle rain to Earth. Is this all a hallucination, or will the Last Defender and Earth be saved?

I love the idea of a vaporwave film and especially one that doesn’t exist. Feels like a dream, right? I think that’s the point. A therapeutics of dream. A new way to think narrative, or if not new, then damn good. The expression of the void. Leaves me wanting more. The album just come out today, but I’ve already listened to it three times. So, sink and indulge, because Venezia’s brewed up the serum that’s going to flutter out your mind-hole. It’s a gorgeous beyond.

2 thoughts

  1. Thanks for sharing music that I would never have found otherwise! Have you heard of Fr/action? They have a similar MO with creating jams for non-existent movies set in a bleak future.


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