13% Funded! THANK YOU — Let’s Make Some Horror


We’re 13% funded and ultra-grateful to those of you who have chipped in and are becoming a part of something truly special for the indie horror film community. We’ll be dropping some pretty big news soon, so stay tuned and prepared to be excited. You’re help is always appreciated–a share, a retweet, a blog post, anything. Shoot, make us a Spotify playlist of your favorite horror songs. I’d share that. I’d love to listen to it, too.

If you’re just tuning in, we’re raising money for a feature-length horror movie called UNFINISHED BUSINESS. It’ll be directed by Jay Burleson, scored by Jasper Lee, and features Kaylin Quinlivan as our lead actress. It’s a ghost story unlike any you’ve seen before. I can guarantee you that.


Above, I’ve posted a couple pictures of our project out in the wild. I put a flyer up at Cid’s food market in Taos, as well as the best video store in the area, Video Casa (the north location). I’m hoping some eyes take interest and get on board. If you’re in the Taos area, drop me a comment. I’m around.

Okay, so we’re doing well. Spread the word and let’s take this all the way. Besides, it’s Werner Herzog’s birthday. We should all be celebrating.

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