Jay Burleson’s UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Pitch Video + How YOU Can Help

Hey, everyone! This is the pitch video for our UNFINISHED BUSINESS campaign. Watch it, share it. It lays the groundwork for what we’re set to accomplish with this film. Already, at the time of posting this, we’re FIVE PERCENT FUNDED. I’m extremely excited about this and sincerely thankful for our contributors who are joining us in making a killer indie horror film. Seriously, I’m so grateful. Still, we NEED your support. If you want to get on board, we’re happy to welcome you into the UNFINISHED BUSINESS family–a family that’s growing day by day, step by step. We’re making this movie, because we love horror. We love movies. We love horror movies that resonate and impact our lives, that shine with aesthetic beauty and sharp-as-a-cleaver-to-the-cranium storytelling. If we didn’t believe in this project, we wouldn’t be pushing it so hard. The truth is, we believe in this project 110%. We know horror lovers will truly appreciate it.


Here are just a few ways you can become a part of our team. Any of these five steps helps us IMMENSELY.

  1. Contribute cash money. At the end of the day, this will drive us forward to actually being able to make this movie. We’ll love you and cherish you forever. Even a tiny amount helps.
  2. Share our project within your social media networks. YES, we love this, too. It helps spread the word of our project through horror-lovers like yourself. We’re using the hashtag #horrorbusiness, so feel free to spread it. And, truly you can sleep well knowing that you’re helping further the future of excellent horror movies.
  3. Tell everyone. The more people you tell about our project, the better chance they will have to dig in and see what we’re all about. And, if you have any questions about how we’re using the money or what we’re up to, we’re happy to answer.
  4. Cover our story. Do you write for a blog? A newspaper? An online magazine? A newsletter? A web forum? A podcast? A Youtube channel? Something else? Let us know and we can get your press releases and high quality photos.
  5. Make some personalized art. Are you a graphic designer? A painter? A vaporwave weirdo (like myself) who wants to get involved? Create some homemade UNFINISHED BUSINESS artwork and share it with me or someone on the team. Share it and let us know and we’ll share it within our networks.

Okay, five calls to action isn’t bad for now. If you take ANY of these steps, be sure and let us know. Tag us on social media, send us emails or comment here. If we know what contributions you’ve made, we can help share the awesome work that you’ve done to help us. Together, we can make this movie and we can enjoy this movie for the rest of our lives.

Finally, if you have any other suggestions for how we can reach our goal, please drop a comment and let me know.

Thank you for your attention and for taking the time to keep up with us. I’m excited. I know for a fact that the entire UNFINISHED BUSINESS crew’s excited, too. And it’s Labor Day weekend. Let’s do this. Onward.

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