Jay Burleson’s UNFINISHED BUSINESS! Now Crowdfunding!

I wrote this film off Jay’s treatment and initial pages, fueled by so much David Lynch, John Carpenter, SUNN O))) and the literary heft of Stephen Graham Jones, Brian Evenson, and E.M. Cioran. For me, it’s a dazzling dream come true. It’s a dream come true to imagine how Jay will direct the screenplay if we’re funded, how he’ll make it flesh and blood and fear and flair. It’ll be worth it, because Jay has a genuine vision of horror. He knows it. He lives it. And you know those moments when you’re writing something and you keep checking over your shoulder to make sure no one’s standing there? Yeah, I had that moment and that moment multiplied to a nervous tic, kept haunting me. I couldn’t write near any windows, kept thinking someone was looking in. These Taos nights are dark. Yet that horror drove me to finish the script and to know that I had completed one of the best things I had ever written.

We’re 3% funded. Give us a push. Become a part of a truly meaningful indie film: contribute $$$, share on social media, tell your dentist, tell your friends. We’ll never forget your support.

Thank you.


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