Kaylin Quinlivan cast in Jay Burleson’s UNFINISHED BUSINESS (2016)

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Casting News from director Jay Burleson:

I am very happy to announce our lead actress for Unfinished Business! This was an easy decision for me and I’m thrilled that we have her on board for the project. Without further ado, we have cast Kaylin Quinlivan in the lead role of Bailey Wallace!

Kaylin has been with our team since the beginning. She starred in the first short film that I had play at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, and just last weekend we returned to Sidewalk with our first feature film, Anathema Arienette, another project featuring Kaylin in the lead.

Anathema Arienette is composed of home video recordings and video journal entries recorded by a suicidal teenager, and I was asking a lot of Kaylin to carry the entire film with only one short film under her belt, a short film in which she didn’t speak a word, but I never doubted that she had what it took to deliver a genuine and compelling performance. My confidence in Kaylin has always been very high and I feel that this role is a great extension of what we started together with Anathema.

The most rewarding part of Anathema has been the strikingly positive reaction to Kaylin’s work on the film. Our screening at Sidewalk was a great representation of that, but during the process of gathering feedback on the film from other filmmakers and artists, one constant was the strong connection viewers had with Kaylin’s portrayal of Allie Green. From local filmmakers like Ben Stark of Wonder Mill Films (Dead Saturday) to indie icons like Joe Swanberg, the consensus was that Kaylin delivered a very strong performance.

So in closing, I’m very excited to have Kaylin on board, but of course we have a long way to go to make this a reality. We still need your support by sharing this project and contributing in any way that you can. Only you can prevent forest fires, and only YOU can ensure Unfinished Business becomes a real, tangible film. Here are some thoughts Kaylin wanted to share with you guys! – Jay

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