Domo ArigaDIE!!! Book Review by Douglas Hackle

The original “Clown Tear Junkie,” Mr. Douglas Hackle, recently reviewed my Rooster Republic Press release, Domo ArigaDIE!!!, saying, among other things:

“If the idea of reading beautifully crafted prose to experience B-movie, sci-fi, sexploitative, grindhouse camp appeals to you, don’t miss this one.”

I truly appreciate Hackle’s words, for given the more recent unpublished work I’ve been crafting, this may be my final “grindhouse” style release–and I’m glad it hits home. Of course, putting an end to the “grindhouse” side of things may change, but I think this book, in capturing my interpretation of Japan to such an extreme end, encapsulates the epitome of my quest to create compelling “literary trash.” Also, perhaps, I’ve said what needs saying in terms of “mondo” sensibilities. Yes, the new (unpublished) work is extreme in its own way, but it also pushes itself down paths that I had not dreamed possible. That said, I still fully believe in this book and its enjoyment for those among us who seek a kind of psychophysicality in their work. This book should deliver that.

Overall, though, thank you, Mr. Hackle, and thank you to anyone who has read Domo ArigaDIE!!!

Finally, check out this “Three Reads” entry I did with Hackle last year.

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