Night of the Butterfly (Horror/Comedy Spec Screenplay)

Last night I finished my third spec script for the month of June–NIGHT OF THE BUTTERFLY. It’s a feature-length horror comedy unlike anything I’ve written before, though it does follow a “slasher” scaffold. The logline I’ll be using is as follows:

Six college coeds and a trio of middle-aged gangsters become intertwined when a maniacal killer rampages a summer house party on a secluded bay, while the only girl who can stop the horror just accidentally drank a glass of liquid LSD.

The drug use in the film is over-the-top and essential to the story, resulting in a Cronenberg-esque blast of body horror that is sure to satisfy fans of the surreal. It made sense for the situation and flowed from the initial outline, though it was one of those magical moments that presented itself to me while writing.

I’m debating whether or not to share all of these spec screenplays on the site and am testing the waters with a free PDF of SKIN FLICK. Check it out if you’re interested. I do believe my screenwriting skills have grown since that script, so I’ll probably share more down the line. Information on my other spec scripts can be found HERE. Thank you for reading.

And, if you are an industry professional looking to produce an aspiring screenwriter, please get in touch.

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