SKIN FLICK (screenplay) by Jamie Grefe: Free PDF Download

UPDATE: I have removed this script for download since the script has been professionally optioned. READ MORE HERE.

I finished SKIN FLICK in the late summer/early fall of 2014. It’s the first feature-length horror/thriller that I was pleased enough to put my name behind and hope to eventually sell. And, though I think I’ve grown in my screenwriting skills since writing this beast, I still have faith that it’s a powerful and compelling story of vengeance and pulse-pounding “Grindhouse” horror. A close friend of mine told me it reminded him of a cross between Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive and Cemetery Man. I’ll take that–with absolute appreciation.

The current logline that I’m using to try and sell this screenplay on Inktip is:

A timid teacher on vacation in the country becomes a vengeful killing machine when a band of skin-worshiping cultists with a deadly secret kidnap her best friend.

I think this simple logline gets to the meaty heart of what the story is about. It’s about willing the strength to strike back against the powers of evil. It’s about becoming more than you’d ever imagine (or maybe even want) yourself to be. It’s about losing yourself and, in return, gaining a new, more powerful, self.

Recently I’ve been thinking about this screenplay and the others that I’ve written, thinking of how much I want to share them with the world. Of course, I would love to sell them, so as to sustain myself financially within this most worthy form of writing, and see them get made by the right team, but I have to balance that dream with the reality that there are thousands upon thousands of professional screenwriters out there who, at one time, were standing in my shoes as an unrepresented writer busting his/her chops day in and day out for little to no pay. And that’s just fine. For now.

I want people to enjoy this script. I hope YOU will appreciate the story. And I’m still writing, still growing myself into a better storyteller, with each gesture of feedback and act of revision. That, in and of itself, is valuable, is worth the hours it takes to create a feature-length script. Also, sometime in 2016, I’ll have some incredible film-related news to share with the world.

So, I have decided to make my original feature-length horror/thriller spec screenplay, SKIN FLICK, available as a FREE PDF DOWNLOAD (link below). If you like the fiction that I’ve written, you will probably like this screenplay. If you’re here for the horror, the exploitation, the thrills, the weirdness of a good story, well, I hope you find what you are looking for in the pages of the script. I hope it comes alive in your imagination.

And thank you to all the fellow screenwriters, directors, and actors who have helped guide me this far down the road with words of wisdom, feedback, and criticism. I need that. And I’m open to it. I want to improve, always want to improve.

Thank you.

And happy reading…


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