Domo ArigaDIE!!! – Day 30 (FINALE) – Video Curation: Jodorowsky and Zen (#DomoArigaDIE!!!)

This final DAY 30 of Domo AriagDIE!!!-infused content comes from the creative and spiritual master, Alejandro Jodorowsky. It is a short, but incredibly moving lecture on Zen, God, and the meaning of money. And it is more than this–it is a song.

Only in the last year have I come to truly appreciate and savor Jodorowsky’s work, though I kept a DVD box set of his films with me in Japan. I never watched his films at that time. They were too intense for me. But, it was (and remains) his work with Psychomagic that transformed my admiration for the man. Though I’ve only been studying Psychomagic for less than a year, the acts that I have tried and completed, to work with certain areas of my life, have been tremendous. And difficult. Moreover, the ways he works with the imagination, how he exercises the imagination within his Psychomagic acts, have been some of the most fruitful training I’ve underwent. He is truly a master.

So, I leave you with Jodorowsky. I leave you in capable hands, hands far more capable than my own hands. I have tried over these last thirty days to give you a glimpse into my experience of Japan and in the writing of my latest book, Domo ArigaDIE!!! I am not sure if it worked. I am not sure what you think of all this content as interpreted by one person with such limited experience. But I was glad to do it, felt that I had to do it. It has been more than just simple “promotion” for me. It has been an exercise in digging up a part of my life that transformed me into the person I am today and a part of my life that I may never relive again. I needed to leave this behind for you, even though it still doesn’t capture the extent of what Japan means to me.

Thank you for your attention. Thank you for reading one, some, or all of these posts. Thank you for reading my fiction. Thank you for helping me spread my fiction to new audiences. Thank you for any comments or feedback you have provided. Thank you for your positivity. Thank you for your criticisms.

Thank you.

In closing, I will pass on a phrase that was taught to me by another master, David K. Reynolds, at a coffee shop in Japan. I wish I were a better person back then and could have given Dr. Reynolds so much more, but I was too inside my head at that time. Maybe he knew that. I think he knew that. I am grateful for these words, though, and how they help me do what I need to do every single day that I am alive: “Hold to your purpose.”

Hold to your purpose.

Hold, reader, to your purpose.

And I’ll hold to mine.


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