Domo ArigaDIE!!! – Day 26 – Video Curation: David Carradine’s Tai Chi Workout (#DomoArigaDIE!!!)

I tend to sit a lot when writing a book. Writing takes a physical toll on my body: the muscle aches, the sore backside, the cramped fingers shivering and withering. To combat this pain, I have to exercise. And, not only to wash away the physical demands of the craft, but to strengthen and sharpen my mind. That’s why when I exercise, I like to do it to David Carradine’s Tai Chi Workout. After a dose of Carradine, I feel rejuvenated and ready to work with the agility of a ninjutsu blade. My mind drifts to the tips of my fingers like little soft buttons of tranquility and I write. It’s magic.

During the composition of my latest work, Domo ArigaDIE!!!, I underwent a strict regiment of David Carradine’s Tai Chi workout, hard boiled eggs, and tap water. I was amazed at my sudden ability to crank out 3,000 words in one setting as my body disappeared before me in a dance of rippling currents. This Tai Chi workout is more than a retro oddity, a forgotten VHS gem. This Tai Chi workout contains the key to longevity, superhuman health, and creative fulfillment. Since I started this routine, I look younger, I feel younger, but I write with a maturity that is timeless and worth a million bucks. So, if you’re looking for a real physical paradigm shift that works, let yourself sink into the poetic fluidity of David Carradine’s Tai Chi Workout.

You’ll never look back.

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