Domo ArigaDIE!!! – Day 08 – Video Curation – Karera Musication (Koroshiya Ichi OST) (#DomoArigaDIE!!!)

If you appreciate this curated series, please consider picking up a copy of Domo ArigaDIE!!! The book’s been doing extremely well, and for that, I thank you. If you’re new to my work, this is the perfect book to start with, especially if you’re into “Japanese Grindhouse in Space” books. As always, thank you for reading.

Takashi Miike’s Koroshiya Ichi (ICHI THE KILLER) has a killer soundtrack that is a heady blend of ambiance, grind, chants, birds and science fiction swirls.

Today, since it’s 5:30 am in Albuquerque’s Uptown district and I’m up and not yet properly caffeinated, I’ll keep this blog post short. I need coffee. These little packets of instant are not cutting it and the only thing left in the room is a gross packet of Starbucks decaf. I can’t handle that.

But, the music…

What I like most about this soundtrack is the disconnect between the film’s content (it’s really graphic) and the music as a stand alone piece. It’s like Karera Musication decided to flip Miike’s film on its chopped-open head, smothered it in candy, and made it fluffy and light, percussive, airy with dripping bits of psychedelic wind to it. And it works, the experience works. But this is a spin-off of The Boredoms (an Eye-less Boredoms), so we should know we’ll leave the ground in good hands, gentle hands, harmless hands.

Use this track as a writing prompt. Use this track for a summer drive. Use this track as a background to an afternoon nap. Meditate to this. Clean your ears to this track. Get split in half to this track. And relax, dear reader. Everything is okay and the world is in order. For now. For now, there are birds and hums tapping at your skull.

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