2014 Reading List /// Top Ten of 2014

If you’re interested in seeing what I’ve been reading, here’s the link to my 2014 Goodreads list. I indulged in about ninety books–fifteen more than my intended goal, and ten less than a nice round hundred. That said, many of the books were short, fast, and juicy. I’m still working on disciplining myself through long (or longish–think 300 pages and upward) books. I have a few great Steven Erikson books on my shelf that need attention. And, as I write this, a Joe Abercrombie paperback is staring me down. I’m going to try to indulge and sink. I’m going to become a better reader. I’m going to try to better use what I read to massage its way deeper into my mind. Let the adventure begin. Again. And again.

And, as a record of interest, here are the ten best books I read in 2014 in no particular order. May this list serve your purposes well.

  1. CLOWN TEAR JUNKIES: Douglas Hackle
  2. FLUSHBOY: Stephen Graham Jones
  3. WAITING FOR MR. COOL: Gerard Houarner
  4. THE WATER CURE: Percival Everett
  5. THE BEETLE LEG: John Hawkes
  6. BOYSGIRLS: Katie Farris
  7. DARK PROPERTY: Brian Evenson
  8. DREAMS OF AMPUTATION: Gary J. Shipley
  9. DEAD TRASH: Ed Kurtz
  10. SCREENWRITING 101: Film Crit Hulk

I’ll be re-reading a few of these in the coming weeks, just to hope their magic works itself over on me. Otherwise, dear reader, if you’re looking for what made my 2014 tick and tock, those are the books that did it. Thank you for reading.

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