If you check out my IMDB page — — you won’t find much by way of film credits, but I’m working on changing that, need to change that.

What you will see are two short films, one that I helped write and direct and another that I acted in. The former, FARTHER THAN SHEEP (featured in the above-posted video) was a short film that was shot while I was still a high school student. It was written and directed by myself and Joel Potrykus. The film was shown at private screenings in and around Alpena, Michigan, but I don’t think it ever managed to escape the city itself. The other film, PETER KNOWS KELLY’S THE COOL ONE, was also directed by Joel Potrykus and was shot in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I don’t remember much about this film other than the fact that I ended up quite bloody by the end.

I’m currently working on selling two feature-length horror scripts (SKIN FLICK and GUNKO) that I wrote and am knee-deep in a third film. I think the two completed scripts are quite good, but of course, I have much to learn and am prepared to do so. It’s a lifelong trek. Here’s to a long life, friends.

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